Eugenia Savinkina – a young performer of Russian folk songs has a beautiful low voice of a rare, velvety timbre ... Despite her young age, her talent has won hearts of many people – students, professional musicians, and fans of Russian songs.

Eugenia was born in 1991 in the city of Egorievsk, Moscow region. In 1997 she stated studying Russian folk singing in the local community culture center with her first teacher Elena Parotikova. In 2000 Eugenia entered the vocal classes of Professor J. Kryvenko in the Moscow Shaporin School of Music. In 2006, after graduating with honors from this school, Eugenia entered The College of the Moscow State Institute of Music named after A. Schnittke.

Eugenia’s talent was spotted from her early age. When she was just 13 she began performing at such Moscow venues as The Kremlin Palace of Congresses, The Hall of the House of Unions, The Big Hall of Moscow Conservatory, The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. Eugene runs an active concert activity. She concerted in many countries, such as Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, France, Germany and others. She has been shown on many Russian national channels like Rossija, NTV, TVC, Culture, etc. She is often invited to sing on radio. In 2005 she started her cooperation with the State Committee for Cinematography.

For a number of years Eugene was singing with The State Academic Russian Folk Ensemble «Rossia» led by Lyudmila Zykina and performed on the stage of Moscow Philharmonic Society. In October 2010 she starred in the Moscow Philharmonic Society production by E. Zaitseva  "The Tale of Finist the Falcon".

Eugenia has been a prizewinner of a number of international music festivals, such as «Wind Rose – 2007»,  «Wind Rose 2008», «Wind Rose 2009», «Russian Music in Europe", held in Germany, France, and Poland.  In 2006 Eugenia won the Grand Prix of the international contest "Prodigy". In 2009 she was awarded the title "The Young Talent of Russia". A number of Russian composers, such as Viktor Temnov, Alexei Karelin, and Tatiana Koroleva write songs for her.

In 2010, Eugenia graduated with honors from The College of the Moscow State Institute of Music named after A. Schnittke. Now she is a student of the Department of Art, of the Faculty of History of the Moscow State Lomonosov University.